The Benefits of Facial Acupuncture

January 30, 2019

Acupuncture is a staple of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), used by professionals to provide relief to those suffering from a particular ailment. Acupuncture works under the belief that there are energy pathways within our bodies that can become blocked or obstructed. The pathways lead to each body part including your organs, supplying them with “qi” or energy. By inserting the needles into specific areas, the energy flow to that area may increase, helping them to heal. Because acupuncture helps to clear energy pathways, areas of your skin can benefit greatly from acupuncture. New York Facial & Body Rejuvenation provides acupuncture in Massapequa and Manhattan in order to help improve the overall appearance of fine lines as well as prevent aging.

Does acupuncture work?

Yes! Acupuncture is great for a wide variety of conditions, but not many people know that it can provide you with cosmetic benefits too. Facial acupuncture can help reduce 

everything from under-eye bags to wrinkles and the fact that it is a totally natural and holistic treatment is an added bonus.


Facial acupuncture works by healing your skin from the inside out, stimulating blood flow, and increasing collagen production. By allowing your skin to get the necessary nutrients it needs, your skin will look and feel more youthful. Facial acupuncture is a perfect way to harness your body’s natural healing power in order to improve and prevent signs of aging.


In addition, because acupuncture helps to clear energy pathways, most patients leave acupuncture sessions feeling well-rested and energized with an overall improved mood. This reduction in stress will help your body function more efficiently, avoiding hormonal imbalances, ultimately leading to better skin.


At New York Facial & Body Rejuvenation, we provide facial acupuncture in Massapequa. To make an appointment call us at (516) 809-9666!


Is it safe?

Yes. Acupuncture that is performed by an experienced acupuncturist is very safe as long as he or she follows the FDA guidelines for the use of acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture itself is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment, providing patients with a relaxing and all natural approach to anti-aging. If you are looking for an appointment with an experienced and licensed medical professional for acupuncture in Massapequa, contact us at (516) 809-9666.

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