DR. Mir
ABOUT Dr. Waseem Mir MD

Education and Specialization

Dr. Mir specializes in Botox, and various facial fillers. He is also a board – certified Rheutomologist, Internist and licensed Acupuncturist. He established NYFBR with a belief that your skin is a mirror of your inner health. He strives to make his patients not only feel better, but also look their very best.

Dr. Mir completed his fellowship training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Prior to his fellowship, he received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors from New York University, NY and his Medical Degree from SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, NY. He then completed Internal Medicine Residency at Lenox Hill Hospital, NY.

Alongside traditional cosmetic procedures, he is trained in Eastern methodologies of skin and beauty that have been used for centuries to provide facial and body rejuvenation. His expertise also include facial acupuncture, facial cupping, and facial oils. To look your very best, you need someone like Dr Mir who not only has the clinical skills but more importantly the eye for how your features can be enhanced in order to make you look more beautiful.

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