Managing Partner

Nargis has years of experience with styling models on the run way and high end fashion. She has been a very successful entrepreneur in her own designer accessories business, where she is able to predict what is considered up and coming trends seasons in advance. She has a meticulous eye for detail, design and creativity. She brings all her expertise to NYFBR and strives to create a positive environment at the medspa that promotes self–confidence, and assurance. She enjoys serving others and helping them find inner-contentment. She enjoys working with patients to create a skincare plan so that they can achieve their goals. Nargis cares deeply about the confidence of her clientele. She takes her time educating her clientele in the latest methods with regard to home beauty regimens, in order to promote skin health and find ways to make inner beauty rise to the surface and shine!

She received her Bachelors in Arts & Science with a major in economics with honors from New York University and finished her Masters in a joint program from NYU & Princeton University. Nargis thrives in the innovative environment where the focus on staying on the forefront of new technologies and treatments helps her accomplish this. Her desire to support, influence, and help develop the women on her staff, as well as to be a role model for her daughter and within her community, drives her. She remains focused on knowing and delivering what her clients need and will want even before they realize it.

“At NYFBR we want everyone’s inner beauty to shine so they are comfortable and confident in their bare skin.”